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  • 2020 you have been a nightmare. Grateful to be seeing the back of you, you rotted bitch. 💫
  • This little boy’s sign said: “My mom said I matter” ❤️💔 Saw even more white folks out in support today which was cool to see, but guys, we should not lead the chant unless we understand the concept of the downbeat. 😆😙 stay safe❤️❤️❤️
  • Amber Ruffin does some of my favorite bits of Late Night with Seth Meyers. I don’t know her (I met her once, which was exciting, because I love her) but what a goddamn generous act, to be willing to share these stories about such traumatizing experiences, especially after being repeatedly told to “take it in stride.” @amberruffin
  • Link in bio where you can split your funds across a number of worthy causes. If you can, please join me in donating.
  • Link in bio for a place to donate that splits funds across a number of worthy causes
  • ‪I’m home now, but damn. This emergency alert just popped up. Stay safe out there everyone. #laprotest
  • Today’s the day 💋 LOVE LIFE on HBO MAX @hbomax
  • She’s lonely 🎀 LOVE LIFE is so close! Only a few hours left 🥰
  • New relationship. Try to seem smart. 3 days left until LOVE LIFE. @hbomax @lovelifeonmax
  • Let’s fall in love ❤️❤️ Only 4 days left before you can stream episodes of LOVE LIFE on HBO MAX
  • indoor kid ☀️
  • wildlife photography
  • virtual press got me all dressed up with nowhere to go 🏠💻
  • Off duty
  • ☕️/🍵= happy. I just sent my brother Mike his favorite @Starbucks drink from 3000 miles away thanks to @ubereats Think that officially make me the greatest sister. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. Who would you #sendacup to? #ad