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  • Discover #RiccardoTisci ’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection ‘In Bloom’ . Riccardo’s fifth runway collection for #Burberry explores abstract prints inspired by a modern mythology in an oceanic palette of blue and green . #BurberrySpringSummer21 #BurberryShow
  • In Bloom . The finale of the #BurberrySpringSummer21 show performance, a creative collaboration between Riccardo Tisci and internationally acclaimed artist @Anne_Imhof. . Models walked to music by @ElizaD0uglas within the majesty of the natural environment. . #BurberryShow
  • @HeConghc, @JrLongden, @Raica_Oliveira, @Yslil, @Olgaholinka and Alek Malek photographed at the #BurberrySpringSummer21 show in #RiccardoTisci ’s new collection ‘In Bloom’. . The collection takes inspiration from a modern mythology – a love story blooms between a mermaid and a shark, darkly romantic and unexpected. . #BurberryShow
  • Inside, outside . @AnokYai dresses in #RiccardoTisci ’s new Spring/Summer 2021 collection ‘In Bloom’, inside a mirrored room set within the raw beauty of the British outdoors . #BurberrySpringSummer21 #BurberryShow
  • @Thereal_chopchop, @Eliza.Rutson.Pang, @LeaT, @Cynthiaarrebola, @Reece.nelson_ and @Lila_braghero wear ‘In Bloom’, #RiccardoTisci ’s latest runway collection. . Inspired by water as a symbol of renewal and growth, the collection is youthful and energetic – celebrating the emblems and hallmarks of #Burberry and remastering them with a dynamic modern energy . #BurberryShow #BurberrySpringSummer21
  • Mirror image . @HeConghc dresses for the #BurberryShow - a performance set amongst the wild beauty of the British outdoors . #BurberrySpringSummer21
  • A moment to reflect . Set in the natural beauty of the British outdoors, @AthleteEmmanuel gets ready for the #BurberrySpringSummer21 show experience . #BurberryShow
  • Self, reflection . @MariacarlaBoscono dresses for the #BurberryShow in a mirrored room - giving a fleeting glimpse of the British outdoors in which the #BurberryShow is set . #BurberrySpringSummer21
  • Introducing In Bloom – #RiccardoTisci ’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection . @MariacarlaBoscono, @Ka.Ya.Ko, @MusziEmma, @Hannah_Motler and @AdrianChabada are captured on the runway at the #BurberryShow – a performance conceived by Riccardo Tisci and artist @Anne_Imhof and staged for a digital audience . #BurberrySpringSummer21
  • Watch the #BurberryShow live on Twitch with our hosts #ErykahBadu , #Rosalía , #SteveLacy , and #BellaHadid for a unique pre-show experience . Join the conversation now . #BurberrySpringSummer21
  • The #BurberryShow is coming soon - 17 September 2020, 1PM BST . #BurberrySpringSummer21
  • Blue sky, beige land, blue sea . The raw beauty and romance of nature - the inspiration for Riccardo Tisci’s #BurberrySpringSummer21 - frames this performance by @ElizaD0uglas. Here, the artist and musician sings her tracks ‘Half Of Freud’s Books’ and ‘DNA’ exclusively for Burberry in a film directed by @Partel.Oliva. . Capturing the majesty of the natural world and the great outdoors, this short film is a precursor to the forthcoming Burberry show collaboration - a performance piece created by artist @Anne_Imhof, at the invite of @RiccardoTisci17. Music by @ElizaD0uglas . See more on 17 September 2020, 1PM BST Photo by Nadine Fraczkowski . #BurberryShow
  • Artist and musician @ElizaD0uglas performs her tracks ‘Half Of Freud’s Books’ and ‘DNA’ exclusively for #Burberry ahead of the Spring/Summer 2021 show experience – a collaboration between @RiccardoTisci17 and artist @Anne_Imhof . Film directed by @Partel.Oliva. Music by @ElizaD0uglas. Photography by @nad_1n3 . Experience the full performance on 17 September 2020, 1PM BST . #BurberrySpringSummer21
  • Inside the @Anne_Imhof archive . For the first time, @RiccardoTisci17 has invited an artist to collaborate on the #BurberryShow . Riccardo and Anne Imhof will create a live physical presentation that you’re invited to experience digitally at 1pm BST on 17 September 2020 . Angst II 2016. Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin. Image by Nadine Fraczkowski @nad_1n3 . #BurberrySpringSummer21