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  • Sleep is so important 6-7-8-9 a night is what I get and don’t let anyone ever, ever confuse you, it’s not how much you sleep when you’re ambitious and on fire 🔥 and enjoy your work and process and life ... it what you do when you’re awake! PS: football 🏈 upsets me heavy!
  • Of course Karma works! This Sunday ☀️ let’s really grab a nice coffee ☕️ and sit down and really let this absorb IN! The common sense about doing the right things is fascinating to me and I hope is captured here! Please tag 🏷 just 1 person in the comments
  • Wanna be great ....YouTube that shit! But on the serious .... between google and YouTube don’t ask how, just search...the bigger question in life and what actually needs to be understood is “WHY?”
  • So much confusion. Warmth and humanity is the foundation to your own happiness. ☀️❤️ Stop 🛑 the cycle: if you are unhappy or in pain, don’t deploy it on someone else for a short moment on relief, try to get to the root of yours and understand that mild relief you get when you hurt someone else in the micro moment only prolongs your own pain which will resurface again and again and again. Equally. If you’re happy and in a kind place, deploy it, compliment, make people smile, bring joy, period!
  • Every second I live, every minute I read comments on the internet, every day that I have a conversation, I am struck by people’s ability to either see enormous joy and opportunity and potential or their ability to see darkness, ugly, dwell... my dear friends, on this Saturday morning ☀️ please understand that #perspective and how you choose to see the world 🌍 is often how the world 🗺 is, of course there’s always things going on but don’t allow someone else’s negativity drive yours, try and choose to see the world the way you want to, and if you want to see the negative 👎 remember those might just be someone else’s words or views.... choose hope and opportunity
  • For the kids ..... oh and 99% of the adults here
  • Thank you to everyone who tuned into @goodmorningamerica - the support is always so humbling. If you tuned in, what did you like best?
  • Forget what they say when they don’t know me, focus on what people who know you think, understand this and it will lead to wonderful behavior on your end and fantastic and happy results for those around you and ultimately YOU! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • People got stimulus checks 💴 and went out and bought TV’s 📺. My friends we need to talk about saving money. We need to talk about responsibilities and balance and practicality and we need to focus less on Flex’n for the Gram 📱. Please listen to this #ThursdayMorning 🔥 and please tag 🏷 1 person and leave your $0.02 on what you are seeing out there
  • Flexing in 1985 with My sister and my cousin and my short shorts ... #IwasCuteAsFuck
  • Yo fuck bees 🐝.... am I right?
  • Hey bosses and managers and owners a little convo on this Wednesday morning that I hope brings some value and insights and maybe leads to some action around this conversation. ☀️ ☕️
  • This can really help a lot of youngsters this Tuesday evening! I really hope u get value out of this
  • Stop beating yourself up, the game isn’t over, heck for 89.4% of you it’s not even half-time..... It’s early ❤️☀️🏷 Tag one person under 50 years old
  • A great convo from a few years ago that might be fun to listen to again ☀️ hope this brings some value to some who ponder self esteem and strength and other variables. Leave a comment and tag a friend PS: I’ll be on good morning America this Friday AM check my prior post