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  • A little something for the OG’s ... I got my internet content career started with @winelibrary TV and now I’m back for a holiday edition - episode 1003. For the people that met me after my 2006-2011 run on WLTV ... I hope you enjoy this episode and see how I did / do .. it! Leave me your thoughts 💭
  • Life is how you see it .... You’re beyond in control ... Once you understand this, you’ll enjoy this journey so much more Tag 🏷 someone who could really relate or could use this post Also please leave a comment of what you’re thankful for. Active gratitude is like working out, the results come from doing it ... PLEASE LEAVE THAT COMMENT
  • Unfortunately a lot of people DM’d me this week about being anxious about thanksgiving 🦃 with family, thought I would make this clip with the hope that it might help! Happy thanksgiving 🍁 everyone and please enjoy and be grateful. Be especially grateful if you’re fortunate enough to to not have to deal with nerves around family 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡💛
  • So.... this was from my pop up zoom I did from my “functional content” post (12 posts back, check what i did) anyway ... I drop some F bombs 💣 here but more importantly I ask people to consider something very important Don’t compare yourself to others ... BUT... if you must, why not compare yourself to someone who has it worse than you, not wayyyyyyy better??? Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 everyone - have the best one ever tomorrow ❤️♥️
  • Let there be no confusion .... Those of you that see this who are capable of real kindness, the kind that is deployed when it’s hard not when it’s easy, are the people I most admire!
  • Going back to my roots .. a little wine recommendation for tomorrow’s thanksgiving meal 🦃 Wishing all of you a wonderfully kind and nice day tomorrow and rest of 2020 and I hope this little video made you smile and maybe gave you an idea 💡 to try a new wine 🍷- also sign up for @winetexts it will make my dad happy 😂
  • People always asking on the “businessman side of things” my man @richkleiman - link to full podcast is in my bio - asked me the Q and I went into some detail, I hope this framework might help someone plot out how they want to go about building their framework and career
  • The circle of winning .... So many live in one of these 2, until you’re super strong in both of these territories you won’t be able to extract the value of opportunities out there for you. Which of these 2 are you better at? Where are you on your journey on these ??? Ps: 1-212-931-5731
  • Cutting out doesn’t mean completely eliminating but it does mean limiting.... what you surround your soul with is what it becomes. Please as you navigate life be thoughtful of finding much more positivity in your friendships and relationships and the things you listen to and consume and ..... limit your negativity with the same vigor. ❤️❤️❤️ have an amazing Tuesday
  • This conversation with @ryantedder will help so many of you if you understand the underlining principles that made both MTV and TikTok what they are today and the mindset of being open and more importantly understanding the consumer is alwaysssssss right will be an unlock 🔐 for many of your journeys in the future. Please leave a detailed comment of your take away from this video
  • I find that it sad that hard work has been demonized. I speak about work ethic yes - but I think people have tried to pin hustle culture on me because of my energy - my words have always been about happiness, even when I talk late night work it’s to get out of a job that is making you very unhappy. Tag someone who needs to hear this.
  • I couldn’t agree more with this POV from @virgilabloh I am always baffled by people’s inability to understand true creativity needs a creative framework, I watch non creative people impose non creative structures on creative people WE CANT FUCKING FOCUS ON JUST ONE THING ... that’s what non creative operators that are type A do, and I have made respect for it but let there be no confusion ... creativity needs to breathe !!!!!!!
  • Don’t shit on 2020, Relook at it Close out this year with a different perspective
  • Self awareness in any situation ... especially the difficult ones. Don’t worry who judges you, judge yourself No one knows you better than yourself
  • How about some laughs and happiness on this Sunday morning! My college crew surprised me and what transpired next is just some chaotic shit. Tag a college homie 🏷 And here’s a Q: what did you take away from this clip???