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  • Sunday’s are for chocolate croissants
  • @bollymernard and Lucstar reunite
  • It’s time to get cozy because 🍁 has arrived! I’ve got my Caroline frames and my flannel. Now someone get me a hot chai 🍵!! Check out my AM/PM collection with @glassesusa! #MusexHilaryDuff #GlassesUSA #GlassesUSApartner
  • The time for ACTION is now! Join me in taking a stand against period poverty. My company @veedanatural and I are teaming up with @periodmovement for the Veeda In Action initiative. From October 10 to October 25 (my daughter Banks’ birthday!), for every subscription box purchased, we'll donate one subscription box of safe, eco-friendly period care essentials to someone in need. I specifically chose my daughter’s birthday as the end date for this initiative because it’s important that we empower all of our children to understand that our periods are NOTHING to be ashamed about. Ready to join the movement? Visit Veedausa.com to learn more about how you can make a difference and help end period poverty once and for all!
  • Just like you, I’m juggling a million things a day: working from home, changing diapers, and trying to navigate virtual learning. Sometimes my head is spinning and I truly have NO idea what’s going on. And you know what? That’s totally OK! We need to normalize not having it all [email protected]’s natural cotton wipes and diapers give me one less thing to stress about. Now, if only I could find my damn keys… #HLCmom
  • New York you sure are dreamy when you act like this(weather😍😍)
  • Clean fem care is a must ladies!!!! Jump on the damn bandwagon... We care about the food we eat, the lotions and potions we buy to keep us beautiful... we also NEED to be making clean & natural choices with the products we put in our bodies!!!!! @veedanatural #cleanfemcare #veeda
  • I’m the cover girl I’m the cover girl! @cosmopolitanuk thank you for letting me grace your cover this month and reminding me that after having kids I lost all my brain cells. Visit Cosmo UK .com to watch the hilarious and embarrassing video that we shot for your entertainment 😂😘😘
  • One thing on Luca’s mind... and it ain’t singing me happy birthday
  • September- childhood cancer awareness month!! @StJude truly provides a safe haven and the top treatment for children and families fighting childhood cancer and other life threatening illnesses. For donation info visit @StJude or head to my story for a quick link! 30 days #forStJude
  • @archdigest came to take a tour of our home! Take a 👀!
  • @whitneycummings and I chat lots of things on @goodforyoupodcast
  • I am so excited to officially announce my very first picture book, MY LITTLE BRAVE GIRL, coming March 23, 2021. I wrote this story to encourage both mothers and daughters to reach higher, dream bigger, and approach the world with their hearts wide open. You can pre-order it right now at the link in my bio. ♥️♥️♥️ thank you @randomhousekids and huge warm hug to @kelseygarrityriley
  • Working hard or hardly working?? Whichever you’re doing, protect your 👀 from blue light with my @glassesusa Eleanor frames with blue light blocking lenses. #MusexHilaryDuff #GlassesUSA #GlassesUSApartner
  • RBG-thank you, ♥️rest easy.