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  • Collaborations are the road to success. Some even help better the planet. Automobili Lamborghini supplies a part of its carbon waste to the technological training center of Experis Academy in Fornovo di Taro. This helps us not only to focus on waste reduction but the carbon scraps also serve as raw material for the training of the students at the Academy. #Lamborghini #LamborghinisNewTrail
  • Genuine emotions, old traditions, joyful people, authentic places and some of Italy’s finest sand beaches and azure seas. Welcome to Puglia through the lens of @gabrielemicalizzi. Home to sites and stories that go back thousands of years, this Italian region was explored by its Super Sports Car equivalent - the Aventador SVJ Roadster - whose exclusive design and sophisticated technology is a reminder of Lamborghini's rich heritage. #Lamborghini #AventadorSVJRoadster #WithItalyForItaly #Puglia
  • Master of one, explorer of all. With Urus, the concept of just one becomes obsolete. It works for the roads, it works for your decisions. Which of these exciting colors would you choose for your Urus - Verde Mantis, Arancio Borealis or Grigio Keres Matt? #Lamborghini #Urus #UnlockAnyRoad #LamborghiniVersus
  • Perfection has many fascinating shades, just like Huracán EVO RWD Spyder. Can you guess the color of our amazing Super Sports Car? Captured by @carswithluke #Lamborghini #HuracanEVORWDSpyder #GuessTheColor #RewindToRWD
  • Recreating something you love is an incredible feeling. We collaborated with @ravensburgerglobal to create a 3D jigsaw puzzle version of our Huracán EVO. This 1:18 scale model faithfully replicates the dynamism and sophistication of the Super Sports Car through 140 numbered pieces and accessories. #Lamborghini #HuracanEVO #EveryDayAmplified #RavensburgerMoment
  • Beauty is a part of everyday life in Calabria, a land where the sea and mountains passionately interact with one another. With its phenomenal design and exquisite blue, the Urus appears to be at one with the 500-mile coastline that surrounds this beautiful region. Captured by @guidotaroniphotographer. #Lamborghini #Urus #UnlockAnyRoad #WithItalyForItaly #Calabria
  • Style is more than accessorising. It is a way of life. Explore all things leather on the Lamborghini official store and up your fashion game. #Lamborghini #LamborghiniStyle
  • Defining lines create an exclusive design. Taking predictive technology to the next level, the Huracán EVO RWD delivers pure, unfiltered driving excitement. While its advanced aerodynamic solutions draw inspiration from the head of a shark, its interior offers a sophisticated on-board experience with the use of innovative carbon-fiber material. Captured by @rudolfvdv #Lamborghini #HuracanEVORWD #RewindToRWD
  • To experience Sicily is to acquaint yourself with history. With these incredible clicks, @stefanoguindani brought a multitude of cultures to life. To add to this natural beauty with one of our own, we have the Urus that explores this diverse Italian region with its adaptable nature. #Lamborghini #Urus #UnlockAnyRoad #WithItalyForItaly #Sicily
  • A splash of colors and a touch of perfection are enough to ignite a lifelong passion. With the Huracán EVO RWD Spyder, Lamborghini furthers its quest for evolution through this innovative design and state of the art technology. #Lamborghini #HuracanEVORWDSpyder #RewindToRWD #Houston
  • Phenomenal comes in many shades. Which of these stunning Urus' best suit your personality? #Lamborghini #Urus #UnlockAnyRoad
  • If we were to show vintage in a futuristic light, it would be best represented by this artwork created by @vanortondesign. Rich in graphics, colors and all things fun, Lamborghini’s Countach is seen here in a dreamlike Tokyo with ‘Countach’ written on its number plate. #Lamborghini #Countach
  • Gold is Sardinia’s color. It perfectly fits with its amazing roads, seasides, nature, and the photos by @defuntis are proof of it. Miura P400 S’s gold is the color we chose to tell a visual story dedicated to an amazing Italian region, made up of natural contrasts and plain, wonderful views, exalted by this Super Sports Car’s smooth lines as well. #Lamborghini #MiuraP400S #WithItalyForItaly #Sardinia #Sardegna
  • It’s magical when the night is bright and starry. The exquisite finish and stunning design of the Aventador SVJ further complement the vibrance of this masterpiece under the Italian skies. Captured by @jordi.koalitic. #Lamborghini #AventadorSVJ #Sardinia #Italy
  • Lamborghini Urus is back and now in new colors. A Super SUV dedicated to those who never want to stop. Don't ask yourself which road to take. Take them all. Unlock any road. #Lamborghini #Urus #UnlockAnyRoad