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  • #ChristianLouboutin 's #Elisa bag: Casually iconic or iconically casual? Photo by @CasperSejersenStudio
  • Shine bright like a diamond with your My Strass boot. #ChristianLouboutin Photo by @CasperSejersenStudio
  • Make an entrance: horse riding backwards with your #ChristianLouboutin 's Foolish sandal. Video by @CasperSejersenStudio Music by @DougieBowne
  • I'd like to speak to the manager... About my #ChristianLouboutin 's Foolish sandals. Photos by @CasperSejersenStudio
  • #ChristianLouboutin 's Foolili boot gives you full permission to get on your high horse. Photos by @CasperSejersenStudio
  • #ChristianLouboutin 's Kipipouch bag and Will Buckle Flat boot will have you raring to go. Video by @CasperSejersenStudio Music by @DougieBowne
  • #ChristianLouboutin 's Izamayeah boot is statuesque and she knows it... Photos by @CasperSejersenStudio
  • Caution: the Loubiloo sandal may cause you to fall in love with your reflection. #ChristianLouboutin Photo by @CasperSejersenStudio
  • Walk that walk in #ChristianLouboutin 's Eleonor Plume bootie and #Elisa baguette bag. Photos by @CasperSejersenStudio
  • Get to hot stepping in #ChristianLouboutin 's Eleonor bootie. Photo by @CasperSejersenStudio
  • Turn them green with envy in your Loubiloo sandal and #Elisa baguette. #ChristianLouboutin Photo by @CasperSejersenStudio
  • Get a handle on the #Elisa baguette bag in black leather. #ChristianLouboutin Photo by @CasperSejersenStudio
  • Keep your head (and your feet) firmly in the clouds with the Eleonor Plume bootie and #Elisa baguette bag. #ChristianLouboutin Video by @CasperSejersenStudio
  • On Wednesday we wear pink, Eleonor Botta boot in pink. #ChristianLouboutin Video by @CasperSejersenStudio
  • The #Elisa baguette bag knows how to stay on point in any situation. #ChristianLouboutin Photo by @CasperSejersenStudio