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  • Photo by @daisygilardini / The first warm rays of daylight shine through in the Great Bear Rainforest. This is the largest coastal temperate rainforest in the world and certainly one of the most pristine places I have ever visited. Its territory extends from the central to the north coast of British Columbia, Canada, and covers roughly an area of 32,000 square kilometers (12,355 square miles). The forest is home to grizzly, black, and Kermode bears, among many other species. Follow me @DaisyGilardini for more images and stories behind the scenes. #conservation #britishcolumbia #canada #greatbearrainforest #sunrise
  • Photo by Muhammed Muheisen @mmuheisen / The capital of Uzbekistan is home to one of the world’s most ornate subway systems. Many stations in Tashkent are decorated with mosaics and chandeliers. It is considered one of only two subway systems in operation in Central Asia. I captured this image in November 2019 while visiting Uzbekistan and working on a personal story about subways and train stations in different parts of the world. For more photos and videos from around the world, follow me @mmuheisen and @mmuheisenpublic. #muhammedmuheisen #Uzbekistan #Tashkent #subway
  • Photo by @junmichaelpark / Sanbang-san Mountain along the Yongmeori Coast in southwest Jeju Island is a sight to behold. The myth is that a hunter's arrow missed a deer and hit the butt of the god of heavens. Angered by this intrusion, the god pulled off the peak of Halla-san Mountain and threw it west, creating this rocky mountain of 395 meters (1,296 feet). The Yongmeori Coast, which lies at the foot of Sanbang-san Mountain, looks as though a dragon's head is delving into the water, hence the name. It is a geological wonder created by continuous stacking and erosion of sandstone over millions of years. For more photos and stories from Korea, follow @junmichaelpark and @seoulphotographer.
  • Photo by @emilypolar / Looking past the teahouses at sunrise to sacred Machapuchare on a cool spring morning in the Annapurna region of Nepal. To see more of Nepal and beyond, follow me @emilypolar. #Nepal
  • Photo by @gerdludwig / Cyclists enjoy the scenery while riding along the Main-Danube Canal in Germany. @thephotosociety #Germany #MainDanube #canal #cyclists #bicycles
  • Photos by @francescolastrucci / The Stagnone Nature Reserve, which takes its name from the lagoon on the northern shore of the town of Marsala on the westernmost tip of Sicily, is a magical place. It is one of the best places in Italy to watch sunsets. The stunning natural landscape, with its ever changing colors, scents, and salt pans, is a natural habitat for many species of fish and birds attracted by its calm, shallow, and warm waters. The area has been strategically important since ancient times, particularly in the Phoenician and Roman eras and finally at the time of the Spanish domination in the 15th century, when salt pans were built along its coast. Follow me @francescolastrucci for more places, daily life, and stories around the world. #sicily #italy #landscapephotography
  • Photo by Matt Borowick @mborowick / The sun sets over Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. The saltwater marsh seen here lives between the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the land itself. This type of marsh is critical to the ecosystem in the area, providing for the very diverse plant life and wildlife that lives here. Follow @mborowick for more pictures like this. #nature #hiltonhead #adventure #wilderness #southcarolina
  • Photo by @kahliaprilphoto / First light illuminates the valleys and glaciers at Berg Lake on a fresh summer's day. It always pays to get up early and watch the sunrise in the mountains.
  • Photo by @juancristobalcobo / Fishermen return to shore after a day of fishing in the Caribbean island of San Andrés, Colombia. #sanandresisland #colombia #juancristobalcobo
  • Photo by @dina_litovsky / My favorite time to photograph New York City is at night, when the streets are illuminated by streetlights and windows. I took this image of a couple walking their dog on Fifth Avenue. For more images of the evening metropolis, follow me @dina_litovsky.
  • Scientists have learned more about dinosaurs in the last 25 years alone than in the previous two centuries. In our newest augmented-reality experience, capture life-size dinosaurs in your space and learn about the latest findings that upended what we know about the ancient beasts. You also can use the selfie mode and share videos of yourself as the dinosaur. Thanks to groundbreaking science, we’ve learned that this dinosaur, Yi qi, had wings and could glide. Check out @natgeo's link in bio to learn more. #reimaginingdinosaurs #AR
  • Photo by @joshuacogan / Joshua Tree National Park can feel like a giant playground of epic scale. The cavernous erosion that caused the otherworldly rock formations allows for incredible perspectives and visual angles. Here, on the northern edge of the park, you can see for miles once you scramble your way to the top. For more images of #ourpubliclands and adventures throughout the world, follow me @joshuacogan.
  • Photo by @michaelclarkphoto / The Grand Tetons loom above Jackson, Wyoming, at dawn. Some mornings you just get lucky with the clouds and the light; other mornings, not so much. That is part of the fun of photography. It is never the same. #wyoming #grandtetons
  • Photo by Robbie Shone @shonephoto / The Kingdom of Kush was an ancient Nubian kingdom situated on the confluences of the Blue Nile, White Nile, and the Atbara Rivers in what is now Sudan. The Nubian rulers left behind an array of archaeological sites dotted along the River Nile. It is here at Meroë, Sudan, in about 300 B.C.E., where Kush leaders were forced to build their capital, following increasing pressure from the Egyptians. The steep-sided pyramids were built over the burial chambers of the rulers.
  • Photo by @gerdludwig / A view of the majestic beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains from the road along Clingmans Dome, the park’s highest point, at an elevation of 6,643 feet (2,025 meters). The Great Smoky Mountains are named for the naturally occurring mist-like clouds that frequently surround the mountains. @thephotosociety #smokymountains #clingmansdome