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  • keep warm, wear beanies
  • shoutout to bridgerton fans
  • shoutout to bridgerton fans
  • single people giving advice to their friends who have been in a relationship for years 📺 Bling Empire
  • honestly, I would listen to this band
  • only thing more soothing than watching cakes being cut is eating cake...🎂
  • Catch up on what happened in the last to all the boys movie with @lanacondor, @ncentineo @annacathcart & @jordanfisher - To All the Boys Always and Forever is out on feb 12th!!!
  • tryna get stuff done today like
  • 👀
  • @anthonymackie and @damsonidris star as an android supersoldier and a human drone pilot who team up to take down an artificial intelligence threat in this sci-fi thriller
  • comment with a 💖 if u binged all of @bridgertonnetflix
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  • y'all said u wanted trailers...
  • hey can someone photoshop me into these pics with all my friends? @toalltheboysnetflix 💌 💌 💌
  • @reallucydavis @kiernanshipka @miranda.otto prank other cast members of @sabrinanetflix by orchestrating an interview from hell 🤣