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  • Via @unbearabledeplorable4.0
  • Some of you forgot that you were American, and it shows. @louisiana_gov im talking to you. Edit: Im seriously considering mailing JBE a bag of dicks.
  • Dear Covidiots... *ETA* Now with moar sauce! https://www.reuters.com/article/idUSKBN27Y1YW #Covid1984 #scamdemic #plandemic2020
  • tEh SkY iS faLLiNg!
  • Hand carved letter opener from crepe myrtle with a vinegaroon dyed handle.
  • What kind of data are yall scrubbing off of your Dominion voting machine data @louisianasos 😂
  • Being a proud deplorable American, exercising my First Amendment. #FightBack
  • Since when is there an Office of President Elect? 😂 #Scamdemic #Covid1984
  • #Louisiana had 2,322 switched votes this past election. Thr whole state runs Dominion software on the voting machines. Dominion software has ties to some of the bigger names on the left (pelosi and feinstein). #election2020